Our Mission:

The Saints of Cambria Heights Gospel Chapel exist to love God and our neighbors, make disciples, and influence others to do the same.

Our Leaders



  • Wilton Brown
  • Aon Russell
  • Donald O’Connor
  • Donald Williams
  • Ivan Lee
  • Jean Saintonge
  • Richard Lawrence

Our Ministries

  • College Prayer Group

    College Prayer Group

    Leader - Brenda Moses Brown
    Mission Statement: To pray specifically for the spiritual well being, academic progress and physical needs of college and high school students.
  • God's Minute Steward

    God's Minute Steward

    Leader - Rowan Wade Sr.
    Mission Statement: The purpose of God's Minute Steward is a simple plan to respond to a specific financial need in God's work, locally and internationally.
  • Hospitality


    Leader - Simone Foster-Bedward
    Mission Statement: To provide and serve meals, to the household of faith and visitors with pride and a smile.
  • Knee City Prayer Group

    Knee City Prayer Group

    Leader - Hillorie Bedward & Yvette Andrews
    Mission Statement: To pray for the needs of others.
  • Marriage Enrichment Ministry

    Marriage Enrichment Ministry

    Leaders - Andrew & Mahalia Caldwell/Jonathan & Terrie-Ann Carroll
    Mission Statement: The purpose of the marriage enrichment ministry is to strengthen the marriage bond.
  • Men's Ministry

    Men's Ministry

    Leader - Milton Green
    Mission Statement: The purpose of the Men's Ministry is to assist in the overall development of the brothers at Cambria Heights Gospel Chapel.
  • Music Ministry

    Music Ministry

    Leader - Donte Driskell
    Mission Statement: To maintain an atmosphere of celebration and reverence to God through musical arts, media, and technology for all worship services.
  • Sunday School

    Sunday School

    Leader - Yvette Andrews
    Mission Statement: The staff is resolved to prepare lessons that will meet each individual at a level he/she can understand and in turn know God's will for his or her life.
  • Support Ministry

    Support Ministry

    Leader - Patricia A. Daley
    Mission Statement: The purpose of the Support Ministry is mainly to provide care and support to believers in a more tangible and personal way.
  • TUNE [Teens United 'N Example]

    TUNE [Teens United 'N Example]

    Leader - Donna Carroll
    Mission Statement: To provide an avenue [mentoring relationship] whereby teenage girls can be encouraged, assisted, and challenged in their overall conduct.
  • Visitation Ministry

    Visitation Ministry

    Leader - Donald O'Connor
    Mission Statement: Equipping the church to experience a healthy sustainable growth in Christ.
  • Women's Ministry

    Women's Ministry

    Leader - Nesta Carnegie
    Mission Statement: The Women's Ministry exists to provide avenues for the sisters to express their gifts, talents and abilitites in order to glorify God and to foster spiritual growth and fellowship among the sisters.
  • Youth Ministry

    Youth Ministry

    Leader - Jonathan Carroll
    Mission Statement: To serve the youth of our community by teaching them about God's great plan for their lives.